Sunday, June 3, 2007

I'm having a bad day....

Does anyone have any happy, fun books to recommend?

I need a good book, a good cry, and good sized bar of chocolate.


Eva Gale said...

Oy, happy funny, ummm--no. Last great book I read was Sunshine by Robin McKinley, and now I'm reading Deerskin, but it's very very sad and heartbreaking. So far.

Sending you cyber chocolate and hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Arin Rhys said...

Thank you, babes!

I think that my chocolate craving has been subdued because my sister made me chocolate covered raspberries.


December/Stacia said...

Hey Arin.

Sorry about the bad day, and sorry about the crap you've gotten for your (correct) decision.

I recommend anything by my CP Anna J Evans, or Hells' Belles by Jackie Kessler which I just reviewed on my blog, or Dime-Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong.

I also recommend you buy my book when it comes out in July, because I promise it's funny. :-)

Arin Rhys said...

December - I love Kelley Armstrong!
And you know, July is my birthday so I guess I know what little treat to give myself.